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China Global Freight is the leading China sourcing agent for high-growth companies based in Canada, US, UK, Europe, Australia, and beyond. Tell us about the product you would like manufactured. We will source the best quality product and reply with a detailed quotation.

Seamless and Cost-Effective Sourcing

Our sourcing services are all-inclusive. We provide sourcing agent services from Taobao/Tmall/JD, or sourcing directly from China factories. As a professional sourcing agent in China, we help you buy all kinds of products offered at meager prices from China’s biggest online shopping website or purchase directly from Chinese suppliers. Our offer includes sourcing, buying, and worldwide shipping from China.

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Sourcing & Shipping from China to Global

China Global Freight offers the most extensive discounts for international shipping from China to countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and beyond. No matter where you and your customers are, we deliver parcels straight to your door at the best shipping rates.

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Trusted Sourcing Agent Help You Buy From China

One Stop Logistics Service from Sourcing to Shipping to Delivery

China Global Freight aims to streamline your one-stop sourcing process in China and ensure fast speed to market for your products. After the China Product Sourcing, if you need our freight shipping services, please follow up with our freight expert for FREE warehousing for up to 90 days and affordable international shipping services from China to worldwide.

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We provide the Best Rates from China!

See how China Global Freight leverage our supply chain and logistics expertise to ensure a stress-free sourcing and shipping with the best rate guarantee

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