Shipping from China To Germany

China Global Freight’s “Ship from China” service is an excellent option for shipping international cargo from China to Germany. This service includes cargo pick-up in over 120 cities across China mainland, competitive freight rates, and fast and dependable shipping. Additionally, our “Shipping from China” service offers shipping options from China to over 40 countries worldwide, which includes international door to door delivery, free warehousing and cargo consolidation in China as a standard offering.

Sourcing from China

Amazon FBA Shipping

Free Warehousing

International Shipping from China

Customs Clearance

Last Mile Delivery

Air Freight from China to Germany

Air cargo is a efficient method for shipping from China to Germany(usually 5-8 days port-to-port, or 6-13 days door-to-door). Major Chinese airports for air freight include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, with shipping available to Berlin, Cologne, Augsburg, Dresden, and other airports in Germany. We collaborate with carefully chosen carriers to handle the transportation of your air freight from China to Germany.

Pick Up from Your Chinese Suppliers
Product Prep & Labeling & Repackaging
FREE Warehousing in China
Smooth Customs Clearance
Freight Cargo Insurance

Sea Freight from China to Germany

Leverage our comprehensive ocean cargo shipping services for hassle-free transportation of your international shipment from China to Germany. Our One-stop solution offers both FCL/LCL sea freight Port to Port and Door-to-door services, with shipping available to Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and all other international ports in Germany. We provide customized logistics solutions to cater to your specific ocean shipping requirements, ensuring the Lowest Sea Freight Rates Guarantee.

  • FCL Shipping from China to Germany: 25 to 40 days
  • LCL Shipping from China to Germany: 25 to 45 days
  • DDP shipping & DDU shipping from China
  • Port to Port, Door to Door, Port to Door, Door to Port
  • Pick Up from Suppliers, Free Cargo Consolidation

Express Shipping from China to Germany

If you’re looking for the quickest way to receive door-to-door delivery of your shipment from China to Germany, express shipping is the ideal option. Our express shipping service includes customs clearance without having to pay customs and import taxes. Our preferred courier services include DHL, UPS, FedEx, and DPD. We offer up to 70% discount on DHL and FedEx shipping from China to Germany.

DHL Shiping from China to Germany:
UPS Shiping from China to Germany:
FedEx Shiping from China to Germany:
DPD Shiping from China to Germany:

Rail freight from China to Germany

Rail freight shipping is an affordable option for transporting goods from China to Germany. It’s faster than sea freight and more cost-effective than air freight. This mode of transportation is reliable, sustainable, and gaining popularity among businesses. Typically, shipping by rail freight FCL and LCL from China to Germany takes around 25-30 days.

  • Rail Freight FCL Shipping China to Germany
  • Rail Freight LCL Shipping China to Germany
  • Free Warehousing in China
  • Freight Cargo Insurance
  • Customs Clearance

China Freight Forwarder to Germany

China Global Freight has extensive experience in importing products from China to Germany, and we handle hundreds of international shipments from China for our customs each and every month.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our unique combination of:

Sourcing Agent in China
Pick-Up from Suppliers
Cargo & Product Inspection
Labeling & Repackaging
Free Warehousing in China
Door-To-Door Shipping China to Germany

Best Shipping Rates from China to Germany!

See how China Global Freight leverage our high-volumes and logistics expertise to ensure a stress-free shipping from China to Germany and door to door delivery with the best freight rate guarantee.

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