Cargo Insurance with a Best Rate Guarantee

Whether shipping by sea, air, or land – raw materials, production goods, and products are exposed to many risks during transit. If your cargo gets lost or is damaged or stolen, this will very quickly affect entire supply chain and can cause financial damage to your company. China Global Freight recommends always getting cargo insurance for your shipments when shipping with us.

Covering More than Your Losses

If the value of your cargo exceeds the amount that the freight forwarder or carrier is liable for, or if you are shipping to destinations where infrastructures are not well-organized, you should consider taking on the relatively low extra cost of cargo insurance.

Most cargo insurance plans cover the cost of the products, not the MSRP value. China Cargo Insurance Rate: 0.6%. Basis of Valuation: CIF + 10% or 110% of Invoice Value.

Start shipping with us and enjoy the best insurance rate.

Risk-Free Shipping Made Easy

China Global Freight offers an inexpensive way to protect your cargo from catastrophic loss. Our Cargo insurance protects your goods while being transported around the world – whether by sea, air, rail, or road – or while in storage in China.

Rest assured, if disaster strikes, your China logistics agent – CGF will facilitate claim handling for timely processing. Ready to ship? Contact your freight expert now.

China Freight Insurance for All Shipping Types

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See how China Global Freight leverage our supply chain and logistics expertise to ensure a stress-free shipping and delivery with the best freight rate and best cargo insurance coverage guarantee.

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